•  Each day that we assign homework, we will go over the assignment and what a “Quality Effort” would look like.


  • Homework must be returned (completed) the next morning.


  • Students should spend 60 – 80 minutes on their homework each night.


  • Homework will be sent Tuesdays and Thursdays each week, but usually not over the weekend unless it is a special project or if a particular student is behind and needs to catch up.


  • A student who brings their completed homework in for only 40% of school days will be moved down a level according to our class-wide Level System.  What is our Level System? To Learn More - Click Here


  • Please contact the teacher if you would like your child to have MORE homework or would like us to adjust the level of difficulty of the homework assignments.  Additional Math Homework can be found by clicking the IXL Math link to the right.



If you would like a copy of the Homework Policy click on the file below.