How to Rock Braces and Glasses by Meg Haston

I read about a chapter before I thought that this seems a lot like some Nick show. And there was a Nickelodeon show based on it called "How To Rock." But, not surprisingly, the book was so much better! Kaycee in the show was a lot less one dimesional as were the supporting cast. Somewhat to my surprise, I REALLY enjoyed the book. It was predictable, but in a good way. Kaycee was a lot more complex character than I had at first envisioned. And her half rival/half best friend Molly was also not as simplistic as she at first seemed.

I particularly enjoyed the relationships Kaycee had with her neighbor, Paige, and Zander, the rocker dude. Kaycee turned out to be more likeable than I would ever have guessed. As did the book!

WARNING: If you liked this and want to read more about Kaycee, at first glance there are two sequels. But apparently, there is only ONE sequel, published under two different names.