"Janitor's Boy" by Andrew Clements (click for my response)

This book is a quick read (120 pages). Even though Jack is younger than you, it doesn't feel really juvenile, although this book will not challenge the most advanced readers. His dad turns out to be a really neat guy who has overcome more problems than Jack knew. What I liked about this book was the way he comes to see his dad as a person who had a story even before Jack was born. I remember when I turned 21, I asked my mom (who met my dad at 20, dated him for 6 weeks, got married and moved 800 miles away) I asked her what she would do if I met some guy, dated him for a couple of months, got married and moved to California. She said, "I'd kill you. But, it was a different world then." This gives the same insight into what your parent's lives might have been like.