Welcome to Math 7! I will be posting class notes(in PDF format) and homework assignments (along with attachments) on my google calendar, which you can see by scrolling the bottom of this page.  Below are some fun sites to check out for extra math activities. We are spending some time working on our number sense and looking at different ways to solve problems, break numbers apart and explain our reasoning. 

All students need to have their own calculator for math class this year. It is very important that they have one to do their homework and by having it in class, they are using a calculator they are familiar with, and it allows us to complete more work by not building time in for retrieving and replacing calculators. If this is a problem for your family, please let me know. 

A fun thing we do in my family is guess our bill when we go out to eat. We play "Price Is Right" rules: the closest without going over wins. We all try to estimate the total of our bill before anyone is allowed to look at it. This helps children discover what is close, what is way off, and how to better estimate. It also teaches them to ask themselves if their answer makes sense. Try it with your family and let me know how it goes!

Supplies that your student will need for Math class:

  • 2 composition notebooks used for this class only—these will be kept in the classroom
  • Planner
  • 2 Sharpened (or mechanical) pencils with erasers
  • 1 pocket folder to keep loose assignments or packets
  • pencil pouch with colored pencils, glue stick, scissors
  • graph paper
  • scientific calculator (If you cannot purchase your own, I have some that can be checked out to your student for the school year.)
  • 3-ring Binder—can be used for all classes

Optional Classroom Supplies (that would be greatly appreciated!):

  • tissues
  • disinfectant wipes

Website: Khan Academy--use search engine to find topics for re-teaching and extra practice.


Other fun Math sites: