Mr. Olson - Individuals and Societies
Here I am at Alpine Valley in East Troy, WI. This was taken before my 15th and most recent show (11th Phish show) at Alpine. It was a great one, lending still more credence to the old adage, "never miss a Sunday show."

Hello! My name is Ryan Olson and the 2019-2020 school year is my tenth year at Anthony as a full-time teacher (I also student taught here in the fall of 2009 before being hired on full time). I taught 6th grade as a student teacher before teaching 7th and 8th grade in my first two years on the full-time staff. This is my eighth year teaching 6th grade Minnesota Studies.

I am a proud graduate of the University of Minnesota, with two degrees: a B.A. in History with a Political Science minor and a Social Studies M.Ed. A Minneapolis resident, my time outside of school revolves around listening to music and seeing live music. I'm a big Deadhead and I've seen Phish 98 times, as of this writing. That number will likely be higher by the time you read this. I'm also a huge baseball fan and follow the Twins to an unhealthy level. Other interests include staying on top of the news (HARD COPIES of newspapers--online newspapers are NOT my favorite), walking around the lakes, following other Minnesota sports teams (to varying levels, depending on the season and year), and traveling extensively (usually to see Phish or other bands).

Welcome to my modest site.  Here you will find important information about 6th grade Minnesota Studies. Follow the links to the right for contact info, a schedule, and a copy of the syllabus. I will NOT post assignments on this site. I have done this in the past but have found it to be underutilized relative to the time it takes to keep up. If you have come here looking for an assignment, please email me. I'll be happy to answer any questions and/or send electronic copies of (almost) any handout, assignment, or reading.