Bienvenidos a la Página de Sr. Perkiss

¡Hola!  My name is Billy Perkiss and I love being a Spanish teacher.  I've been teaching since 1995 when I started at Adams Spanish Immersion in St. Paul.  In 2001 I began teaching in my current home town, Minneapolis.  I've been at Anthony Middle School since 2004 except for a year teaching in Mexico City and a brief foray into high school.  

Growing up in New York City, I was exposed to many languages and accents as a kid and it all seemed like music to me.  I started learning Spanish on the street (including some things I don't teach in class) and enjoyed how it led me to meet a variety of people I wouldn't have met otherwise.  After having a Peace Corps type of experience in Central America, I decided I would become a Spanish teacher.  I am motivated to give kids the chance to persue their interests and passions in another language and to see where the open doors will lead them.  

In my free time I like spending time with my family, biking, camping, and playing guitar.  

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