Throughout the course the year, Mr. Strecker and his students go through a variety of supplies and materials. Here is a way that you can help contribute to Room 301 and help this learning environment grow!

  • Any young adult book - Mr. Strecker tries to keep an up to date library in his classroom for students. Anything that you have read and enjoyed and would like to share with your classmates would be a welcome addition to this collection.
  • Current Magazines and non-fiction - One area students tend to stray away from is non-fiction. Mr. Strecker loves encouraging students to push their boundaries and read new things.
  • Kleenex - Kids have super sniffly noses - the more facial tissue the better!
  • Pencils and other writing utensils - In our class, we write every day. The more pencils we have, the more writing we can do.
  • Loose leaf paper - Besides having something to write with, we need something to write on!
  • Cleaning Supplies - From paper towel to disinfecting wipes, anything to help keep our room clean would help.