If you are in Ms. Brand's Math 6 or Telescoped Math 7/Algebra 8 class, you are in the right place!  To get linked to the assignments in your class, click on the class on the right side of this page. If you don't see an assignment you are looking for, please email Ms. Brand at Laurie.Brand@mpls.k12.mn.us. 

IB Grading 

A    8-Exceeds Expectations 100%

A-   7-Exceeds Expectation 90-99%

B    6-Meets Expectations 85-89%

B-   5-Meets Expectations 80-84%

C    4-Meets Some Expectations 75-79%

C-   3-Meets Some Expectations 70-74%

D    2-Meets Few Expectations 60-69%

F    1-Meets no expectations 59% or below



Dreambox Instructions: Telescoped Math: 7-8 lessons per week/ Math 6: 6 lessons per week

Directions for DreamBox:

  • go to clever.com
  • log in as a student (upper right corner)
  • search for your school (Anthony Middle School)
  • click "Log in with Active Directory" (multi-colored square)
  • sign in using your school login (email/password)
  • select DreamBox (blue/green lowercase d)
  • YOU'RE IN!! Begin working.
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