You can find my GOOGLE Classroom Website

 by going to clever.com and choosing Google Classroom

Period 1: 7y3ko7i

Period 2: djrdqrb

Period 4: i663wvr

Period 5: vaqzt6o

Period 6: jc54ado

Directions for DreamBox:

  • go to clever.com
  • log in as a student (upper right corner)
  • search for your school (Anthony Middle School)
  • click "Log in with Active Directory" (multi-colored square)
  • sign in using your school login (email/password)
  • select DreamBox (blue/green lowercase d)
  • YOU'RE IN!! Begin working.


IB Grading 

A    8-Exceeds Expectations 92-100%

A-   7-Exceeds Expectation 87.5%

B    6-Meets Expectations 75%

B-   5-Meets Expectations 62.5%

C    4-Meets Some Expectations 50%

C-   3-Meets Some Expectations 37.5%

D    2-Meets Few Expectations 25%

D-  1-Meets no expectations 12.5% 

F.  less than 12.5%




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