Ms Miller

L'année scolaire 2018-19

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Miller, and I'm the French teacher at Anthony Middle School. I'm very excited to be here working with middle school students as they begin their path of language acquisition. I am passionate about preparing your students to be successful in high school French and beyond. I believe that they are at an optimal age for acquiring a new language.

I spent three years living in France – one of which was in a French Lycée (high school). I have a background in teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) as well. I live in Southwest Minneapolis with my husband and two daughters, who also attend Minneapolis Public Schools.

I am looking forward to my 7th year at Anthony! Please don't hesitate to contact me! It's best to email me and let me know when and how I can contact you. I check my email frequently.

I will continue to add information regarding the French speaking community here in Minnesota. I hope students will be curious and seek out the French culture right in their own city! Thank you for all of your support!

Mme. Miller

Welcome Amity Intern Louise Fontaine! 

Our Amity Intern this year is Louise Fontaine (Mlle. Louise) ! Louise will be with us full time for the entire school year starting Monday, September 11. Louise is from the region in France called Brittany (La Bretagne). She studies English at her University and is thrilled to share her own language and culture with students here at Anthony Middle School. 

Check back for updates and photos!