Dance at Anthony!
Photo Credit: Bill Cameron

Hello! My name is Carrie Smith

I started teaching at Anothny Middle School since 2018. I'm so excited to be teaching the 7th and 8th graders dance in their six week rotation. I am excited to be teaching and learning with the students, exploring various learning through movement and artistry.

I grew up in the southwest metro and completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Iowa. After receiving a BFA in Dance and a BA in Theatre Arts, I moved back to the Twin Cities where I started teaching and choreographing for local dance studios.

Photo Credit: Pete McCollum
Additionally, I started dancing for Borealis Dance, a dance company where movement is inspired in response to social justice and a company that is committed to bringing the arts to local communities.

I look forward to challenging students to grow both academically, physically, and artistically. They will explore various techniques and dance forms. They will learn the foundations of movement and learning objectives will be focused on BASTE (Body, Action, Space, Time, Energy). Students will be asked to draw connections between movement and cultural or personal relevance

Photo Credit: Bill Cameron
and I hope that by learning how dance relates to theme, narrative, and/or intent, students can begin to develop an artistic voice and take ownership of their movement.

Overall, I’m excited to be teaching and working with the dance students at Anthony. I feel honored to be given this experience and opportunity to make connections with students and to challenge them to explore their artistry through dance. 

When I’m not teaching, I enjoy running/walk with my dog, spending time with family and friends, baking, and learning new things.


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