Mr. Olson's Schedule

My contracted time runs from 8:10 to 4:10, Monday-Friday.  However, I am usually in the building by 7:30, at the latest, and stay until AT LEAST 4:30-4:45.  Below is my daily schedule:

7:30-9:10: Working in Classroom

  (I will have meetings every Tuesday from 8:10-9:10 and occasional meetings other mornings)

9:10-9:30: Hallway Supervision

9:30-9:50: Advisory

9:54-10:46: 1st Hour - Minnesota Studies

10:50-11:42: 2nd Hour - Minnesota Studies

11:42-12:12: Lunch

12:16-1:12: 3rd Hour - Minnesota Studies

1:16-2:08: 4th Hour - Minnesota Studies

2:12-3:04: 5th Hour - Prep

3:08-4:00: 6th Hour - Minnesota Studies with Ms. Moravetz

4:00-4:10: Hallway or Bus Supervision

4:10-4:30: Working in Classroom

More often than not, I'm at school until 5-5:30 or later, but I almost never leave before 4:30, except for Fridays.