PDF NaNoWriMo Contract and Check-In Packet   --  This has the contract to be handed in to me so that I know you are committing to writing a novel in November. It also has a check-in reflection sheet for each week of the novel writing month. (This is what you will need to hand in to be excused from your Reader's Responses.)
PDF NaNoWriMo Student Packet   --  This has information about the project as well as ways to help you figure out word counts and a chart to track your progress. This is just for you to use!
PDF NaNoWriMo Writer's Resource Packet   --  This is a shortened version of the packet available on the Youth NaNoWriMo website. If you are stuck for ideas, or are having trouble making your ideas complex enough for a novel, this is a good resource to go to. I have some printed copies if you need one. The full packet has some GREAT writing ideas, but you would spend your whole month planning! Still, if you want to write novels in the future, it is worth checking out.