Quarter 2 Schedule Changes

Dear Anthony Families, 


Thank you for a GREAT first Quarter of Distance Learning. As we work to strengthen our school-family partnerships, we want to continue to hear your input and suggestions.  Taking your feedback into account, we are adapting instructionally and institutionally for the sake of our students’ well-being and learning.


As mentioned in our recent email and newsletter communications, Anthony will be moving to a NEW Daily/Weekly Distance Learning Schedule for Quarter 2, which starts on November 9th.  Our hope is that this new schedule will deepen the learning for students with increased opportunities for live/synchronous classes, small groups, and project-based learning while also providing more off-screen time. We also hope to improve student attendance and work completion with the new schedule. 


The student day will remain 9:30-4:00pm Monday through Friday. 

The first class every day is Advisory, which starts at 9:30am. Be on time!


Image 1 - Quarter 2 Weekly/Daily Class Schedule


Image 2 - Quarter 2 at a Glance



The new schedule will focus on three extended class periods each day, providing time for:

  • direct instruction with the whole class
  • small group or individual activities
  • homework and 1:1 teacher check-in time
  • significant movement/off-screen breaks throughout the day 

Rather than being responsible for six classes every day, students will only need to manage three classes per day (see Image 1) with the exception of Wednesday.

  • Live instruction will take place during the first 50 minutes of class; the last 35 minutes will be work time (independent/group work; opportunity to get teacher help).
  • At the end of each school day, students have a “Panther Power Hour”, which is 55 minutes of built-in time to study, complete homework, or meet with teachers for help.
  • Specific teacher/staff office hours will be communicated by your teacher and also posted on the school’s website as it may vary by teacher class schedule.

In addition, each day of the week will be more consistent (refer to image 2). For instance,

  • Mondays will be A1 classes, Tuesdays will be A2 classes
  • Thursdays will be B1 classes and Fridays will be B2 classes
  • The only exception is when there’s a short week due to holiday breaks or no school (refer to Image 2)
Wednesdays - “Panther Power Day”
  • Advisory will be from 9:30-10:15. The additional 15 minutes added to advisory will allow students to meet with their advisory teacher to connect and prioritize homework assignments.
  • The rest of the day will offer opportunities to check in with all teachers, as needed, ask questions, get help, and complete homework. It also provides time for reviewing or extending learning and for parents to check in with teachers.
  • On Wednesdays, teachers will post a lesson for students to complete. This is likely already assigned work or a continuation of an assignment students have previously started.​​
    • Students will work at their own pace from 10:30-4:00.
    • Lessons/activities should take no more than half an hour to complete. If students are struggling or have questions, we encourage them to attend office hours or contact their teacher via email.
  • For students who prefer or need a more structured schedule to follow on Wednesday, there is a structured office hour schedule between 10:30-1:00.
    • Wednesday - Structured Office Hour Schedule:
      • Period 1 10:30
      • Period 2 10:55
      • Period 3 11:20
      • Period 4 11:45
      • Period 5 12:10
      • Period 6 12:35
  • From 1:30-4:00
    • Teacher office hours are by appointment from 1:30-3:00
    • Teachers will be on prep from 3:00-4:00pm
    • Please note that part-time teacher office hours and prep will vary


Teacher Office Hour Meeting Links

  • To access your teachers during office hours, go to http://meet.google.com. Then, click join meeting and enter in the nickname “AMS” plus the “teacher’s last name”.
  • Example - Ms. Goldammer’s office hour nickname would be: AMSGoldammer

General Student Expectations

  • Be on time to Advisory (9:30am) and ALL Scheduled Live Classes on A1, A2, B1, and B2 days (refer to image 1 for start times)
  • Follow your teacher’s directions (if unsure of what to do, ask questions for clarification)
  • Actively participate in class - respectfully respond to teacher/group members verbally and via chat.
    • Video cameras are encouraged to be turned on, focused on you from the shoulder up
    • Reduce distractions; stay focused (ex: turn off phone/games, move to a quiet space, use headphones)
  • Actively listen - take notes; ask questions when appropriate
  • Stay for the non-live portion after class is dismissed if you need help or if you are requested to stay
  • Email and communicate with your teachers
  • Complete work during the provided time
  • Wednesday Expectations
    • Be on time to Advisory
    • Know which classes to go in for additional support or a challenge to expand your learning
    • Follow lessons posted - complete tasks/assigned work from your teachers for the day
    • Independent work time/studying, small group work

Student Attendance

On A1, A2, B1, and B2 days, attendance will be taken in Advisory and in each live class session. For instance, on A1 days, attendance is only taken in Advisory and periods 1, 2, and 3. Students do not need to complete an attendance form nor check in with classes that are not scheduled for that day. 

On Wednesdays, attendance is taken in Advisory for the entire day. There will not be a separate attendance form for periods 1-6 on Wednesdays. Students are, however, expected to check their Google Classroom and complete tasks assigned to them for the day in each of their Google Classrooms. 

If your child is going to be absent, please call the Attendance line (612-668-3271)  and provide the following information in your message: phone number and name of person calling, student name, grade level, reason for absence, and times and date(s) of absence. 


Student Support

We understand that there may be some students who will need direct support on how to navigate the new schedule. Below are staff members who can help answer questions or direct students on where to go.


We believe this model will support student learning by allowing them to focus on three classes per day rather than six. With longer class periods, teachers have time to incorporate social-emotional learning, launch the content lesson, host discussions, allow for independent work (including time offline) and regroup as needed.  Parents will also have time to conference regularly throughout the year with teachers rather than waiting until the formal Student Parent Teacher conference times, which we know from last month did not allow much opportunity. 


We will be evaluating the effectiveness of this schedule and asking again for community feedback in a formal survey near mid-quarter (December 3).  We welcome your input anytime and appreciate the feedback. Again, thank you for partnering with us as we seek to ensure that every student makes at least a year’s growth in every subject during this unusual school year.  


Thank you for your continued support. 


Mai Chang Vue - Principal



PDF Letter to Families   --  November 2020 Letter to families regarding Quarter 2 schedule changes.