Building Rockets Together

The 6th and 7th graders build rockets together over two to three weeks.  This is done in connection with our Space unit.  Once the students build their rockets at school, they paint their rockets, and then in early to mid-May the Anthony 6th grade Science classess gather together at Bryn Mawr Park to hold the annual Rocket Day Extraveganza.  The teachers secure the airspace clearance through the airport (really!) and the students work together over several hours to launch about 250 one-, two-, and three-stage rockets into the spring air.  Some of these rockets soar 1500 feet or more into the air in a manner of seconds.  WOW!  A great time for parents, teachers, and students to connect with one another and just have fun, and for many... the first minor cases of sun burn of the year.



Rocket Day