Student Reading Lists

Each year, Anthony sixth graders recommed books. These lists are books that middle school kids are reading and enjoying. I honestly have not read all of these books, so I can't promise anything! Also, know that every book is not perfect for every kid. Having said that, this is a great place to start if you are looking for a new book!

PDF Class of 2022 Book List   --  The students in Ms. Bartholomew and Ms. Goldammer's classes in 2015-2016 put this list together.
PDF Class of 2021 Book List   --  This was compiled by the students in Ms. Goldammer and Ms. Bartholomew's classes in 2014-2015.
PDF Class of 2024 Book List   --  We changed the organization a bit. Series are grouped together, and books that are just single, stand alone books are together. Enjoy!