Study Skills

Google Classroom Codes:

Period 2: frkag2j

Period 3: vi22ekp


This class offers students in special education time to catch up on classwork and learn study skills and organizaional skills. Students are also provided support

by special education staff in communicating with their teachers about missing assignments, test modifications/accommodations, or other needs to be successful in their classes. This promotes independence and self-advocacy when it comes to students' school work and personal needs.

Educational Websites


Achieve3000- Log in and select an article from the homescreen options (these are assigned by teachers) OR browse and select one of interest. Take your time going through each of the 5 steps.

Junior Scholastic- click "I am a student;" classroom password: Antbump8

GetEpic- click "students & educators;" enter class code: ejl4193 find your name and get started! Click Guest Student if you cannot find your name.

Capstone eBooks- Click "login with google" and select your mps google account. Then enter the username and password: Site username: MPSAnthony Site password: ebook

MyOn- On Clever, click "log in as student" then click "log in with Active Directory;" log in with your student ID and Password


Prodigy- Students who use Prodigy in class will log in using their information

Dreambox- Students who use dreambox in class will log in using their information Clever

IXL- Students who use IXL in class will log in using their information