The Eighth Day by Dianne Salermi (series)

Just like Percy Jackson connected the modern world with Greek and Roman mythology and the Kane Chronicles connected the modern world with Ancient Egypt, this book does an excellent job of connecting the modern world with Arthurian legends. I found this book interesting right away. I was immediately drawn in by the tension of the relationship between Jax and his guardian, Riley. I liked the way the author used foreshadowing to really draw me in.

If you have read a number of my reviews, you know that I value consistency in characters. Magic is fine, mystery is fine, but the actions of the characters have to be logical. If a character is going to have a change of heart, there have to be hints that this is possible. If a character is going to fall in love, we might be surprised, but we should be able to look back and see the clues. This book does a great job with that. There were times I was surprised, but I was always able to look back and think, yep, the hints were there. 

Another thing I really liked was that the supporting characters were just as interesting as the main characters. They weren't simple- they all had their own complexities.

This book is a part of a series. The Inquisitor's Mark is the second book. It is a little darker than the first. Jax finds out some things about his father and his family. And some of it is bad. He is connected to a very powerful family and they have motives that may put them in conflict with Riley and others Jax has come to trust. Some of the information also makes him question that trust. He makes some new allies, new friends, and new enemies. 

I liked this book too, but just like the "Empire Strikes Back" left you with so much unresolved, this does too. I know that seems to be typical for the middle book in a trilogy, so I will just have to live with it until the third book comes out in January!