The Eternal City by Paula Morris

This book felt like it was going to be predictable, but it frequently surprised me. The strengths of this book are the supporting characters, who are often interesting and mysterious. I also liked how the author got all of the adults out of the way- no wise teacher to step in and help the kids out. Additionally, the author has a talent for description. If you are looking for a role model for writing beautiful, engaging descriptions, this would be a good choice.

The main weakness of the book was the character of Laura. She was sort of bland. She seemed to sleepwalk through the book, letting things happen and being sort of passive about it. No fiery rebel here. She often left it to others to make the key decisions for her.

Finally, don't compare this to Percy Jackson. Just because it is a modern day connection to Greek/Roman mythology does not connect them. They are totally different in tone and style. Loving one won't make you love or hate the other. Just let it be its own book!