Upstream Arts

Students who are receiving special education services may have the opportunity this fall 2021 to participate in a program called Upstream Arts.

What is Upstream Arts?

Upstream Arts is a program that makes the arts accessible to students receiving special education services and uses the arts to develop students’ social, communication, relationship, and self-expression skills. Upstream Arts has a high caliber roster of local, professional artists including visual artists, poets, dancers, actors, creative writers, and vocal and instrumental musicians.

When and Where is it Happening?

During 2nd hour (10:00AM-10:52AM) in Ms. Duddingston's classroom every Monday, for 12 weeks starting October 4th, Upstream Arts artists will lead inclusive and interactive activities in my classroom. Each week the students will cooperatively create together in a supportive and fun environment. They may develop and embody characters and/or emotions, paint or move to music, or collectively write and act out poems, etc.

Why Should My Child Participate?

These cooperative group activities in music, theatre, poetry, visual arts, and dance are designed to expose students to a variety of art forms while using the arts to nurture self-expression, social interaction, and positive group participation. This opportunity will give your child a safe forum to express themselves, build self-confidence, act out real life situations, and develop communication skills that can benefit them in their everyday lives. 

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